Advanced Shop System V3

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What's new on V3?

1- Add selector Way Dropdown menu that supports all selecting systems

Keep 'Buy' and 'Select' and 'Selected' Buttons

select the character using buttons and purchase it using button

Keep only 'Buy' Button

Select the character with one click on it and purchase it using buy button

Remove all Buttons

Select the character with one click on it and purchase it with one click on it

this system explained in the video

2- add World Menu System

now you can set world select menu with only one click

enable the world menu from the main asset and set your events and Done...

also, this system explained in the video

3- add Unlock bubble input

to unlock assets using input signal

this feature will make you able to add tricks and modified the shop to work in a better way


unlock the next world when the current completed

unlock the character when achieving progress on the game

unlock the character using IAP or Rewarded Video

unlock worlds using IAP or Rewarded Video

unlock the character using send and receive nodes

and more according to your imagination

4- add debugging system (Deme)

if you have missed any implementing steps or did anything wrong

the log message will display explaining what is wrong

5- add some selector examples and modified the manual node

6- More on the Shop abilities

The Shop abilities edited to the new Version 'V3'

1- you can use this shop with Multiple menus to do anything that falls under this word "Shop" like

world Selector and unlocker

Buy assets using in-app purchase / rewarded video

Change Background Color

Signal Selector

- or any customization for any asset like

Change Color

Change Texture

Change Scale

Change Mesh

all for specific "3D model node" or "Sub scene" or for all model nodes and sub-scenes inside the object or for the asset itself

-- also you can set multiply effects for one asset "character" like

one menu for hair

one for clothes

one for...... or or or

2- live shop System

3 - Scroll System

+Scrolling for all direction

Down to up

Up to Down

left to right

right to left

4 - Standby System, What is it?

this System makes you see how asset look like before you select it or by it

also, you have the ability to set it as a different animation System

5 - menu limitation mode / disappear point what is it?

you can set disappear point to make assets invisible when getting out from the shop as shown in video

6- Point Or Coin price(option for every specific menu)

7- (Buy, Select, Selected) states with buttons (option)

8- (Locked, Selected, Unselected) asset state animations

9-Add selector Way Dropdown menu to control the buttons

10 - Animation on start Support for the Shop UI Screen

11 - Multiple menus on one shop (unlimited number)

///Old Version

12 - manual for every customization possible you can do on this shop - like set more than 50 assets on one menu

12- Now most of the customization is built in the shop system and the manual node only contains the selector examples

13 - effective script collection for every change possible on any asset or node + examples

and more and more.....

Please read the Buildbox main thread for better view

8 ratings
  • Live Scrolling Shop
  • Buildbox Version
    3.3.12+ Only for Example
  • Support Version
  • Live Scrolling Shop
  • Buildbox Version3.3.12+ Only for Example
  • Support Version3.x.x


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